Skull and Shackles

The First Three Days

Session 1

Day 1

You all wake up, a pounding headache, the sickly taste of cheap wine in their mouths, the hard floor, a rhythmic creaking noise, and the feeling of the room swaying, as if they were still drunk. There is a sudden appearance of many, small, multi-coloured, lights gives some illumination and you are able to make out the group of people you had spend some of the evening with the previous night, you think.

Before any of you could speak, or confirm any suspicions about where you were a hatch above you open up and the greasy looking man from the previous night, along with six other pirates calls down to you and tells you to head to the deck to be presented to the captain.

Rodi shoots up the ladder and heads straight for the deck, excited to once again be on a ship, the rest of you follow without questioning that man you later learn to be called Master Scourge. Once on deck Captain Barnabas Harrigan address you briefly along with four other members of the crew that seem to be in a similar situation. (Crimson Cogward, Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone, Sandara Quinn and Rosie Cusswell.), he tells three things, don’t speak to him, you’ll be given jobs by Mister Plugg and the ship is short staffed so don’t go killing anyone.

Mister Plugg then takes over and tells you all to climb to the crows nest as fast as possible because he needs a new rigger. Rodi was the clear winner in this case, with Tobias tied in second with Selena, Livius taking third place, and Corin managing to only just get himself off the ground.

Next Mister Plugg claims he is tired of eating trash and asks if any of you knows how to Cook, Livius says that he can and Mister Plugg tells him to report to “Fishguts” in the galley. At this point the jobs for the day were assigned and everyone was given a chance to do a daytime ship action. It panned out like this…

Selena – spent the day in the bilges working with Tilly Brackett and making the woman a little more friendly. She asked TIlly why she served under Harrigan and Tilly told her to be careful with her words as that sort of talk could get her keelhauled.

Tobias – spent the day trying and failing to catch rats, he also attempted to speak with a half orc Jaundiced Jape who he had a hard time getting an answer out of.

Corin – spent the day hauling rope and doing knot work. He attempted to talk to Rosie but the insinuation that she was weak enough to need help angered her and she almost pulled the rope he was carrying out of his hands.

Rodi – spent the day working on the Mainsail. He attempted to interact with Tam “Narwhal” Tate but the Tate spat at the Saltbeard and moved away from him.

During the day both Corin and Selena were approached by Sandara Quinn who gave Corin his holy symbol and Selena her Kukri.

Livius – spent the day watching (and trying to aid) Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop with that nights dinner, and tried to see if he could make Ambrose more friendly but was unable to do so.

After the work was done, came our first Bloody Hour. The officers put on a keehauling, showing what they were willing to do to a man if they crossed them. A few of you seemed rightly worried about the prospect, Rodi sort of shrugged it off. Afterwards, Rosie, and Tobias were each given three lashes for failing at their jobs that day.

The evening meal was decent and everyone drank that nights rum rations. Then came the night actions which happened as follows.

Selena – went straight to bed as she was exhausted from the work combined with her rum ration.

Corbin – headed downstairs and offered to lay his hands on Rose, she accepted the Dwarves healing, thanking him. (The GM forgot that he had already tried to Inflfuence her today so let’s let this one slide… opps!). He was able to repair the damage he had done earlier in the day with her.

Livias – Asked around about music, and was told by Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone told him that music wasn’t prohibited but there hadn’t been much since Rose had fought with Grok. Livias proceeded to summon an accordion and play a piece he had first heard in one of the worst hives of scum and villainy in all of The Shackles. He proceeded to please the crowd and was able to win a little respect. (+2 to influence people the next day)

Tobias and Rodi – the two went over to Grok who was sitting around drinking on deck. Rodi was enraged when called a Lubber by Grok however he did not take that anger out on the half-orc and instead he had quickly headed over the the arm wrestling and smashed Tate’s hand into the glass covered barrel multiple times. Tobias continue to speak with Grok and she was impressed that he wasn’t immediately speaking of getting his things back but instead spoke of working together because he knew what it was like to be ‘different’ on the ship.

Day 2

The morning of the second day you are all awoken by the chiming of the clocks bells, as you get up and head off to report to the main deck you are stopped by a group of five individuals. You are all able to identify them as the five people you had spent the night with before your sudden appearance on the ship. A blonde haired woman (Aretta Bansion speaks up, asking if you were in a hurry, there is a comment from Corin about what he’d like to do to her, she retorts saying he couldn’t afford her, his response was that he wasn’t planning on paying her.

Tate chimes up from behind the Aretta and points to Rodi saying “That’s the one boss”. A smaller female Slippery Syl Loneganstanding beside Aretta, sort of swaying side to side, whispers “Can I get ’em now? Can I?”

So the battle begns:
Rodi looks really incredibly angry but doesn’t do anything right away,
Corn attempts to blow the women but it’s uneffective
Livias casts sleep and Syl goes down like a log,
Tobias stomps on the ground and Aretta falls on her ass
Siliena runs over to the sleeping Syl and holds her Kukri to her throat.
Every one of the attackers but Tate steps back and goes to leave, Tate pulls out a knife himself.
Rodi charges in to action and smashes his firsts into Tate eventually knocking him right out cold.

After the quick confrontation is over most of the party makes it’s way upstairs, Selena takes a moment to look the snoring Syl and takes the woman’s bandana and 16gp from her pocket.

As you arrive on deck, Master Scourge looks more displeased than usual to see you arrive basically on time.

Daytime Ship Actions

Corn and Tobias – work the bilges. Corin works diligently and Tobias finds a moment to run off and speak with Grok. He finds himself able to get his families crest back as well he asks if it would be possible to get Rosie’s fiddle. Grok, obviously warming up to the ragged group of adventurers says she’d be willing to return the fiddle if Rosie would apologize.

Selena – spent the day swabbing the deck. She found a moment to try to apologize to Master Scourge, who basically laughed in her face and told her to get back to work if she did not want to double the amount of lashes she would get that evening. (or at least that’s what I meant for him to say)

Livius – spent the day shooting the breeze with Ambrose ‘drinking’ and just talking about nonsense. He himself also was able to soften our half-orc quartermasters rigid exterior.

Rodi- while up doing line work, interacted with a frightened looking halfling named “Ratline” Rattsberger. He found out that the little thing was afraid of heights and the officers made him a rigger so they could laugh at him. He told Rodi that he actually preferred when he could be in the crows nest.

That night Selena was savagly whipped by Master Scourge, as was Slippery Syl who laughed as if she was enjoying the punishment. Tate was locked away in the sweatbox.

Dinner that night was awful. A few players did not drink their rum, and Rodi actually took both his own and his brothers, and possibly one other player’s as well.

Then came the entertainment…

Night actions:

Rodi – went straight to bed

Selena – talked to Sandara to see if she could talk to Grok and get Rodi’s hammer back. Selena inferred that she might not give the hammer straight to Rodi, and Sandara said she could sympathize with needing to protect oneself aboard a ship like this.

Corin – approached Sandara when Selena was done with her and spent the rest of his evening chatting her up and complementing her. Increasing her interest in him in a few different ways.

Livius – headed down to the galley and found Ambrose incredibly drunk in his room. He spoke to the cook, wondering how they might actually make the food better. At first Ambrose admonished him for even trying to have a conversation that the cook would not remember. Livius insisted that he himself would remember, and asked for Ambrose’s suggestions. Ambrose suggested that they would send Livius Turtle Hunting the next day. He then promptly fell into one of the beds and started snoring.

Tobias – sweet talked Rosie, telling her she needed to apologize to Grok. At first Rosie was appalled by the idea but it was easy for the honey-tongued halfing to convince her otherwise. She agreed to meet him at the quartermaster’s the next day. He left her only after leaning down and placing a kiss upon her hand. As he walked off he noticed Chonchobhar watching him and looking mad enough to eat his hat.

Day 3

The next day started without any inturruptions.

The Daytime Ship actions went as follows:

Rodi – switched his job with Rattsberger who gave him a jewel in payment for it. Rodi then headed to Grok to negotiate for his hammer. He offered a combination of a dagger (that had been taken off Tate) the gem, and a song from Livius about the Dwarf’s sea faring ancestor. Rodi left the quartermaster’s happy to have his ‘hammer’ back.

Corin – spent the day swabbing the deck. He tried to make small talk with Tilly, but she had an obvious hangover and he was incredibly loud.

Tobias – spent the day running around the ship delivering messages, a job at which he did not succeed at too well. He got verbally admonished by Master Scourge. Tobias also met up with Rosie to make sure the confrontation with Grok went smoothly. Had he not been there the halfling woman probably would have stormed out and all of his hard work would have gone to waste. However he was there and his presence kept him calm, as she left the galley with her fiddle she leaned over and placed a kiss upon the sorcerer before heading back to her job.

Livius – spent he afternoon catching Turtles and worked so diligently that he caught enough to feed the whole crew, even though he had never speared a Turtle in his life.

Selena – spent the day working on repairs ((and I’m afraid I’ve forgotten what her ship action was this day!))

That night no one was whipped. more of you didn’t drink your rum, however Rodi drank extra. The food was incredible, like something you might eat in one of the best restaurants you could find.

Night Actions
Rodi – straight to bed

Corin – played drinking game with Tilly and Aretta, he won! As he was about to stumble downstairs he was stopped by Barefoot Samms Toppin and Maheem who praised him for being able to beat Tilly as she was the ships best drinker! Sandara took a moment to cast a spell on Corin to help him with some of his Con damage.

Selena – spoke with Sandara about possible gambling partners. Sandara told her that Chonchobhar was a good gambler but very easily distracted by the fairer sex. She suggested that Rosie ask him to a poker game the following night and that Tilly, Sandara, Rosie and Selena use their feminine wiles to drain up of all his gold.

Livius – is able to get all of his equipment back from Grok, paying for it with a few things he found aboard the ship during his daytime duties. He also finished telling her the story of Corn and Rodi’s ancestor.

His is also approached by a young girl of no more then 16 Caulky Tarroon who asks him shyly if he was the one to make that night’s dinner. He says he wish he was and champion’s Ambrose’s amazing cooking. The girl told him she had never tasted anything so good, and that she always get’s to try the best portion of whatever the cook makes as she east in the captain’s cabins. She then smiles shyly at him and pads off.

Tobias – took a moment out of his night to warn Jaundiced Jape that he was on the losing side and maybe the half-orc better think twice about coming up against the party. Although not making Jape a friendly fellow, Tobias did indeed make him think twice.

After this every one headed to bed and we will begin our next game in the morning of the 4th day.

Thanks guys that was a lot of fun. I will post tomorrow with the character attitude advancements, and I will update the characters that you did speak with.


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